What is ToppsWorld?

ToppsWorld is a virtual world allowing users to create an avatar, explore the world and interact with other users. ToppsWorld is also now free to all users, allowing every child to have full access to the whole world. All Match Attax fans can also play Match Attax Live in various forms (single play, dream teams, play against other players online, manage their cards and create a team plus build up the online collection). 

Who uses ToppsWorld and Match Attax Live?

ToppsWorld is aimed at children aged 6 to 14 years old as well as all Match Attax collectors. ToppsWorld and Match Attax Live are designed to be the perfect introduction to the internet and offer a variety of creative content that encourages children to be interested in learning numbers, decision making and interacting with others in a fun, totally safe environment. ToppsWorld does not offer free chat so parents can be assured that their children are playing in a safe online environment. 

Benefits of Registering with ToppsWorld 


  • Your child learns numbers and values by playing the game Match Attax Live
  • The memory of your child is trained by the game mechanism of Match Attax Live
  • ToppsWorld is a completely safe, chat-free environment.